It is what makes the world go around

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Diversity, difference, uniqueness that is what makes the world go around. In an effort to make ourselves to feel more comfortable it can be tempting to participate in homogenizing our culture.

Big words for a Thursday I know, allow me to explain with an anecdote. I looked it up an anecdote does not have to be funny. The small town I live in has been working “feverishly” through legislative means to beautify the area we live and work in. Among the ordinances passed the government body has one (and I have blogged about it before) concerning the placement of a households trash receptacle. The ordinance outlines when and where (on your own property) that you can place your trash can. The neighborhood has already provided the same color and type of trash can for everyone in the neighborhood, now they want all to placed at the same time and same place. This is the same neighborhood who has a school system that requires all of it’s children  to wear matching tops and bottoms, uniforms. When the beauty ordinances like the trash can law were presented to the public, they were done under the guise of a more beautiful neighborhood but this as well as the uniform and other actions by our small town are nothing more than making the unique less unique or the homogenization of our city.

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Instead of rejecting the uniqueness that makes the world truly beautiful (not the artificial beauty which comes from the uniformity of everyone)  it is more wise to embrace the uniqueness of the world and my small town.

Homogenization efforts quite often result in intolerance which can cause prejudice and bigotry.  When we split up society as us and them we miss out on the opportunity to learn and discover people. What else is life about if it is not about relationships?






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