The genius of simplicity

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Pete Seeger passed away this week. The man was a great folk singer, his music inspired and is inspiring and will continue to inspire the world for generations to come. I could fill this post as well as at least three others with me paying accolades to Pete Seeger. I am not going to do that to you on a Friday. If you don’t know about Pete Seeger just think about “Turn Turn Turn” yep written my Pete Seeger of course adapted from  Ecclesiastes, but the song is, as many Pete Seeger songs are, timeless. He was an amazing man. 


I was listening to some old interviews with Pete Seeger. He had written a new song, it was called “Take It From Dr. King”. The radio host asked Pete Seeger where he drew his inspiration from. Pete Seeger said that he drew inspiration from Woody Gutherie, another amazing song writter who brought us “This Land is Your land”.  To be specific he said he drew inspiration from Woody Gutherie’s genius of simplicity.

He commented on how Woody Gutheries songs were timeless because they were simple fun and easy to sing along to. Pete Seegers music was simple easy to sing to, every song he has written has a refrain, for the listeners to become active participants.

Sometimes in life we forget to employ “the genius of simplicity”.  I can’t help but think about my drill Sargent yelling (he did that a lot) “don’t over think this private!”

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