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The movie was called “Second Hand lions” , the quote was “est I can figure, they were trying to fly through that barn, upside down. Had a bunch of reporters out here earlier; CNN. I guess it is news, when you got a tiny World War I biplane bein’ flown by two 90-year-old men, neither one of ’em with pilot’s licenses… Well, they had a good, long run, the both of ’em. And they went out with their boots on!”

The movie is really amazing! If you haven’t seen it you should watch it. I loved this movie. Two eccentric great uncles played by, Robert DuvallMichael Caine, raise their great nephew played by, Haley Joel Osment, on their farm in Texas.  The uncles and their nephew live life out to the fullest. The boy grows up and becomes a man **spoiler alert***


The movie ends with the man coming home when his uncles had perished (that’s were the quote comes from.). Today is Friday and you may be thinking about setting the cruise control and coasting on through the work day and into the weekend. That is cool and all but don’t you want to live life? I mean you could be done at any minute and I say it is best to go out with your boots on.





This is not that type of class

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While attending school we may or may not have been greeted by a professor with this statement. “This class type is a lecture,  Mr. Corrigan, it is not a discussion.” That was something I heard and grasped rather quickly. Professors do not wish to be interrupted during their lectures and I am fine with that it is their lecture. Most lectures type of classes will be opened up for discussion at the end or on a certain day. Many professors have office hours and e-mail.

Now yesterday I posted a blog about the hazards of answering e-mails as soon as I have received them. The day before yesterday I posted about answering e-mails and today I am writing another post concerning office life. I apologize to anyone with jobs other than office ones. But today I want to talk about the definition of most office meetings.

So a meeting is defined by websters as an assembly or conference of persons for a specific purpose.  That is the dictionary definition now based on a series of meetings I have been involved in I will give you the john3corrigan definition. If you are in management a meeting involves calling in your subordinates and letting them know where they have come up short and what you expect from them.  If the dialogue opens up you as management should be quick to quiet your subordinates and end the meeting.

As non management your position in meetings should be that of a drone who smiles nods his head and takes notes. So the definition of a meeting according to me is this… meeting: a lecture in which subordinates will get their marching instructions and leave.

Just yesterday I was involved in a meeting like the second. I am not a leader but I am an inspiring leader. I read about good leaders and things that good leaders do. Good leaders listen more than they speak and they grow other good leaders.

download (5)

I am not sure but I think a good meeting would involve a purpose and all discussion should be done to get to the purpose of the meeting, and a good meeting should involve engagement by all parties involved to get to the purpose. But as I am learning there are not many good meetings held and if you are not the leader of said meeting the sometimes the best actions are in actions. For now. The opportunity to showcase your talent and be an asset to the corporation will usually not come in a meeting but with your work.

The meeting is not time to prove a point or accuse fellow employees. Good leaders teach employees how to become good leaders and leaders who are not as good should be used by employees as examples of maybe what not to do?

Just some random office thoughts and tomorrow I will try my best to not make this about office stuff.



Tough! Yesterday I posted and promised to try and answer every e-mail as I received it. Even if the answer was an “I am checking and will get back to you response.” I did this assuming it would make other people happy and help work go more smoothly. About half way  through the day I realized two things. One there are many e-mails that I ignore during the course of a work day and two, I am not as concerned for other peoples happiness as I once thought I was.

Did I quit though ( I know you are wondering)? The answer is no. I did not quit and I plan on continuing to do this today. I am not doing this today for others though. Today I am answering e-mails as I receive them for me. While answering my e-mails as they came in something wonderful happened. For the first time in a while at work I began to feel a little like a captain of my vessel again. That is the pro to answering e-mails and I am not sure about you but the idea of being your own captain appeals to me. So spoiler alert, despite there being more pros to cons when answering e-mails as they are received, I am going to stick with this concept.

Now for the cons. Yeah, there are for me at least, more cons than pros. You will began to realize how lost you and everyone else in your corporation are. There are many processes in place and being implemented using more than one resource (fancy talk for employees). The bigger the corporation the more confusing and convoluted the employees are. I was perhaps naive but this state of complete obfuscation of myself and fellow employees was unknown. The pro of this con though is this, through answering e-mails as I received them I started to get a more clear picture of the corporations processes.


The other con is that this answering of e-mails as soon as I receive them makes for quite a busy work day. People send a lot of e-mail. A lot. However I am assuming, I do not know, only assuming that through immediately answering e-mails there will be a cut down in communication. This assumption deals directly with the earlier idea of the clearing up of processes.

So, yes it is tough and looks like it will be tough for some time but I will press on sail my vessel and answer those e-mails.



Answer it… Answer it now!!!!

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I work in the It department of a pretty big company. I get a fair amount of e-mails during the course of an average work day and I have to admit I don’t always answer them right away. I should say I didn’t answer the e-mails right away because, today I plan on answering every e-mail as soon as I read it even if the answer is an I don’t know or an I am working on it.

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Let me tell you why I am going to do this. There are actually two reasons. First, there are many times e-mails sent to me that seen to be “small” or unneeded and when I do not answer immediately these e-mails are pushed to the bottom of my inbox and my psyche. The “small” e-mails get forgotten because of the more pressing e-mails.

My second reason for answering every e-mail as soon as I receive it is the same reason I used the quotation marks when I called the e-mails small. What seems small to us is usually not small to the sender of the e-mail.

“I know it may seem small and insignificant, but it’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become. That’s not a seed, any more than you’re just a boy.”

― Dr. Seuss

The e-mail is a thought or request and the sender took time to generate and send it. The least I can do is address it. If the idea, thought or request is small or nonsense.  I imagine my immediate addressing of the e-mail may help point out how much nonsense this idea is.

So by immediately answering every e-mail, I am making certain that nothing sneaks up on me and I hope that I am having the men or women who involve themselves and others in the trivial take a look in the mirror.

Remember some important things. Triage works in the emergency room and it only saves lives. If you do not work in an emergency room it may not be best to use any type of triage because, even though it saves lives, it (triage) really makes everyone upset when they are left in the waiting room with a medical problem they feel warrants an emergency room visit and usually a very high insurance co payment.

Let’s get to work and answer some e-mails.




What is your story

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Yesterday I began reading “12 Years a Slave”, a book written by Solomon Northup. I am only ten percent through the book so far, but let me tell you this it is wonderful! The book may take a turn but if it doesn’t I would suggest you read this book.

images (5)

The book is the story of Solomon Northup. He was an African – American born a free man, during the time that slavery was legal in the United States and was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He was freed again. Right in the beginning of the story Solomon comments on how this story is his story in which he was a slave. What I like about this concept of telling his own story is the intimacy and personal level you get when reading this.

This feeling of developing and getting your own story is quite something. I know some time back I posted about the feeling or effort I see in the world to completely standardize or homogenize everything! Sometimes I think when mt kids grow up and have kids that every city in the world will look and act the same and it kind of makes me sad.

It is important to be tolerant accepting and work together but what we have to remember in this is that, we are all unique special and have our own stories. One is not better or worse than others they just are.

I am in no means a rebel but I am a person who has a unique story. Sometimes we can feel the pressure to conform and accept and we might be considering caving. Changing who we are, not because of an epiphany or realization but simply based on the pressure of society. When you feel this way remember this….

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch

So what’s your story?




The only problem with that is…

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Yesterday I posted a blog about, one of the co-founders of WhatsApp. I mentioned how the man was turned down for jobs at both, Twitter and Facebook. Five years later he sold the company that he and his partner started for 19 billion dollars to Facebook. A prime example of why we should not let our failures discourage us. Instead we should embrace and cheer for the failures. Learn from them and never quit.

One of my work colleagues seemed a little down about work, I am not certain but I think he was experiencing, what I like to call the Hamster wheel effect. That is when an employee feels like he or she is working somewhere and not gaining or loosing any momentum, much like a hamster. I wanted to help my colleague so I sent him a link to my blog post from yesterday. He read the post and let me know that the only problem with that was that he had no million dollar ideas.  I immediately thought about Syrup.


Crazy right? Well let me explain. Max Barry, one of my Favorite authors, wrote a book called Syrup. The book is a really good read. A quick read. I read it and so did my girlfriend, we both loved the book. Just last night we watched the movie based on the book. The book of course was much better. The movie utilizes the method of an inner dialogue, which I am not a big fan of.  The dialogue is that of the book and movies protagonist, whose moniker is Scat. Cool name huh? Like jazz music.

Inner dialogue is fine for a book but not a movie. If I were you I would read the book and skip the movie.If you do read the book or even watch the movie you will either hear or read where Scat tells the audience that he once read that, an average adult has 3 million dollar ideas a year.

So the problem really isn’t getting the ideas. Not usually. It is a problem with execution. This is a good thing because that means we all have at least three million dollars a year in us we only need to activate it with perseverance, ingenuity and a little luck







read this book with my girlfriend probably why I like it

love this quote

” I read somewhere that the average adult has three million-dollar ideas per year”

Tie into yesterdays post

Don’t quit

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In 2009 Brian Acton tweeted twice, well many more tweets than two that year, but, two tweets were memorable, because they remarked on his failure to get jobs at two great tech companies.



Ok confession time, I copy and pasted these images from a fellow bloggers post. Find that post here. Ok, I am so glad I got that off of my chest. On with the story. Brian and Jan Koum left their jobs and job hunts and started WhatsAPP. A social media company that allows users to exchange text like messages on their mobile phones without paying the cell phone text messaging fees.

The company is a brillant idea and (more importantly for our narrative) was just sold to Facebook for 19 billion dollars!

So I am not sure what you are doing or who has closed the door on you, you know like maybe twitter and Facebook said no to a job for you, but who knows in five years the same doors may be opened and behind them there could be a billion dollar payout!

Never give up!