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Do you have trouble with remembering things? Sometimes there are important things we have to remember, the lock combination, or e mail password etc. Sometimes we have to remember a lot of “important” things and the task can become overwhelming. How do you do it? Some people use a mnemonic.  As a matter of fact barring the photographic memories most people use a mnemonic. So what are some of yours?

Mine? Well when I was in middle school I had a locker combination and I remembered through an equation mnemonic. I would add and subtract from the numbers. For some reason this was easier for me than actually remembering the three digit code…. Not sure why but it worked.

My girlfriend and I just recently discovered a show on BBC called Sherlock. It is a great show, as it’s name suggests it is about the great Sherlock Holmes, but for a twist Sherlock is current. Yes that is right, Sherlock has been rebooted.We have been binge watching the show since our pleasant discovery of it on Amazon prime video service and we really like it.

Sherlock is of course a master at deduction and puzzle solving and he employs a mnemonic which according to this really great article has been employed for centuries all over the world.  When you get the chance you should read the article it is really great and it is from, so yeah very interesting. The folks at the Smithsonian do their homework. Now for those of you didn’t read the article and haven’t watched the show, I will explain Sherlocks mnemonic to you. Sherlock  goes to a “mind Palace”. Basically Sherlock visualizes a tranquil setting that helps him think and access different parts of his mind.

This is the technique that was invented by the ancient Greeks. We all do this too. If you have every seen the Happy Gilmore movie you may remember Happy’s Happy place. If you haven’t watched Happy Gilmore or don’t remember Happy’s Happy Place. Happy was a  pro golfer who had problems putting. His trainer had him visualize and go to a happy place. Somewhere peaceful and tranquil and then putt.


This imaginary place this mind palace is different for everyone but very necessary and used all the time. Find your happy place and go there. If we are really lucky and I often am. Our Happy place is where we physically are.






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