1992, Jean Claude Van Damme and how to do anything

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The year was 1992 four years previous Jean Claude Van Damme had starred in an action flick titled Blood Sport. I was fourteen and in a state of awe! I watched this guy jump and kick and spin and flip. He was unstoppable! I was hooked. I watched every Van Damme movie that was out. I spent all my money on tickets to the movies. Jean Claude Van Dame was unstoppable. He would get knocked down again and again and he got back up! Then he kicked everyone’s buts. It was so cool.

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While watching the movies did not teach me the nuances of kung fu or karate and I never did a helicopter kick I did learn one thing. I learned that with the right attitude and determination I could do anything. This of course was not my only inspiration for this never quit never say die attitude I have which drives many around me crazy and well drives me. If I had to point out my most influential person when it comes to never giving up I would have to point to my dad. I have never known him to give up at anything. He may try a different approach but I have not seen him give up he even learned a few chords on his guitar. I think he learned enough to know the guitar was not for him.

So Van Dame was not the biggest or only inspiration for my determination but when I was 14 he was the coolest. When I was 14. I recently watched Time Cop an older Van damme movie and remember that coolness factor? Yeah maybe not so cool anymore. But his moves are really awesome.

I am not sure what you are facing but I am sure of one thing you can do it.





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