Have a purpose and plan for your day

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I was reading a pretty interesting article this morning. The article outlined how Millionaires managed their time, as a matter of fact I am pretty sure that was the name of the article. It was an interesting read and most of the points were obvious ones but the one that reached out and got my attention was the one that I took today’s post title from (hey every great artist steals).

I think the reason this jumped of the screen at me is because, of how many days I have felt like I have been drifting aimlessly at work. We may have a game plan for the week or quarter but what about today? What do we need to get done today? Is there a porject we need to finish or start? Some phone calls that have to be made?  Having a purpose and goal for the day helps provide focus and we could all use that. Chances are, you will accomplish far more than your goal (and this is a good thing), but without a plan you may not accomplish your goal let alone more. With daily purposes and goals we can also clearly see what needs work and where we are  for our weekly, quarterly and yearly goals.

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“A purpose driven life”. That was  the title of a book my mom gave me some time back. The book was a religious one that dealt with what the bible said about our lives. Why we were here according to God and the bible. The why was helpful to inspire and give purpose and focus. It was not as clear as something like you are here to direct traffic but your work day can be this clear if you take some time this morning and prioritize. You can give yourself goals and purpose, make and see a difference. Isn’t that a rewarding feeling to make a difference?

Do yourself a favor, act like a millionaire and set some goals for today.




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