Just hate them…

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Are you an e e cummings fan? I am love the poetry, and later in life when he did readings of his poetry, well let’s just say you should listen to any of the recordings! The man was a genius and wrote some beautiful things. He lived a full life and what impresses me most about the poet was his time in World War 1.


E E Cummings was assigned to an ambulance corp. He was arrested by the French under suspicion of espionage and undesirable activities. The author was held for thee and a half months. He could have avoided this detention had he only let his captors know that he hated the Germans. He didn’t hate anyone though and would not admit to any hare for the Germans.

“The Enormous Room” is a book praised for its’ prose and arguably one of ee cummings best pieces. The Enormous Room was written while he was detained awaiting his sentence.

Sometimes we succumb all to quickly to hate, anger or any other malicious emotions. Imagine what we are missing out on when we trade our morals for the fleeting sensation of these emotions and actions. Perhaps there is a great novel inside of you, instead of hate or anger and actions inspired by these we could stand our ground and get to working on our Enormous Room




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