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Yesterday I posted a blog about, one of the co-founders of WhatsApp. I mentioned how the man was turned down for jobs at both, Twitter and Facebook. Five years later he sold the company that he and his partner started for 19 billion dollars to Facebook. A prime example of why we should not let our failures discourage us. Instead we should embrace and cheer for the failures. Learn from them and never quit.

One of my work colleagues seemed a little down about work, I am not certain but I think he was experiencing, what I like to call the Hamster wheel effect. That is when an employee feels like he or she is working somewhere and not gaining or loosing any momentum, much like a hamster. I wanted to help my colleague so I sent him a link to my blog post from yesterday. He read the post and let me know that the only problem with that was that he had no million dollar ideas.  I immediately thought about Syrup.


Crazy right? Well let me explain. Max Barry, one of my Favorite authors, wrote a book called Syrup. The book is a really good read. A quick read. I read it and so did my girlfriend, we both loved the book. Just last night we watched the movie based on the book. The book of course was much better. The movie utilizes the method of an inner dialogue, which I am not a big fan of.  The dialogue is that of the book and movies protagonist, whose moniker is Scat. Cool name huh? Like jazz music.

Inner dialogue is fine for a book but not a movie. If I were you I would read the book and skip the movie.If you do read the book or even watch the movie you will either hear or read where Scat tells the audience that he once read that, an average adult has 3 million dollar ideas a year.

So the problem really isn’t getting the ideas. Not usually. It is a problem with execution. This is a good thing because that means we all have at least three million dollars a year in us we only need to activate it with perseverance, ingenuity and a little luck







read this book with my girlfriend probably why I like it

love this quote

” I read somewhere that the average adult has three million-dollar ideas per year”

Tie into yesterdays post


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