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Posted: February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Tough! Yesterday I posted and promised to try and answer every e-mail as I received it. Even if the answer was an “I am checking and will get back to you response.” I did this assuming it would make other people happy and help work go more smoothly. About half way  through the day I realized two things. One there are many e-mails that I ignore during the course of a work day and two, I am not as concerned for other peoples happiness as I once thought I was.

Did I quit though ( I know you are wondering)? The answer is no. I did not quit and I plan on continuing to do this today. I am not doing this today for others though. Today I am answering e-mails as I receive them for me. While answering my e-mails as they came in something wonderful happened. For the first time in a while at work I began to feel a little like a captain of my vessel again. That is the pro to answering e-mails and I am not sure about you but the idea of being your own captain appeals to me. So spoiler alert, despite there being more pros to cons when answering e-mails as they are received, I am going to stick with this concept.

Now for the cons. Yeah, there are for me at least, more cons than pros. You will began to realize how lost you and everyone else in your corporation are. There are many processes in place and being implemented using more than one resource (fancy talk for employees). The bigger the corporation the more confusing and convoluted the employees are. I was perhaps naive but this state of complete obfuscation of myself and fellow employees was unknown. The pro of this con though is this, through answering e-mails as I received them I started to get a more clear picture of the corporations processes.


The other con is that this answering of e-mails as soon as I receive them makes for quite a busy work day. People send a lot of e-mail. A lot. However I am assuming, I do not know, only assuming that through immediately answering e-mails there will be a cut down in communication. This assumption deals directly with the earlier idea of the clearing up of processes.

So, yes it is tough and looks like it will be tough for some time but I will press on sail my vessel and answer those e-mails.




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