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While attending school we may or may not have been greeted by a professor with this statement. “This class type is a lecture,  Mr. Corrigan, it is not a discussion.” That was something I heard and grasped rather quickly. Professors do not wish to be interrupted during their lectures and I am fine with that it is their lecture. Most lectures type of classes will be opened up for discussion at the end or on a certain day. Many professors have office hours and e-mail.

Now yesterday I posted a blog about the hazards of answering e-mails as soon as I have received them. The day before yesterday I posted about answering e-mails and today I am writing another post concerning office life. I apologize to anyone with jobs other than office ones. But today I want to talk about the definition of most office meetings.

So a meeting is defined by websters as an assembly or conference of persons for a specific purpose.  That is the dictionary definition now based on a series of meetings I have been involved in I will give you the john3corrigan definition. If you are in management a meeting involves calling in your subordinates and letting them know where they have come up short and what you expect from them.  If the dialogue opens up you as management should be quick to quiet your subordinates and end the meeting.

As non management your position in meetings should be that of a drone who smiles nods his head and takes notes. So the definition of a meeting according to me is this… meeting: a lecture in which subordinates will get their marching instructions and leave.

Just yesterday I was involved in a meeting like the second. I am not a leader but I am an inspiring leader. I read about good leaders and things that good leaders do. Good leaders listen more than they speak and they grow other good leaders.

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I am not sure but I think a good meeting would involve a purpose and all discussion should be done to get to the purpose of the meeting, and a good meeting should involve engagement by all parties involved to get to the purpose. But as I am learning there are not many good meetings held and if you are not the leader of said meeting the sometimes the best actions are in actions. For now. The opportunity to showcase your talent and be an asset to the corporation will usually not come in a meeting but with your work.

The meeting is not time to prove a point or accuse fellow employees. Good leaders teach employees how to become good leaders and leaders who are not as good should be used by employees as examples of maybe what not to do?

Just some random office thoughts and tomorrow I will try my best to not make this about office stuff.




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