Go out with your boots on

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The movie was called “Second Hand lions” , the quote was “est I can figure, they were trying to fly through that barn, upside down. Had a bunch of reporters out here earlier; CNN. I guess it is news, when you got a tiny World War I biplane bein’ flown by two 90-year-old men, neither one of ’em with pilot’s licenses… Well, they had a good, long run, the both of ’em. And they went out with their boots on!”

The movie is really amazing! If you haven’t seen it you should watch it. I loved this movie. Two eccentric great uncles played by, Robert DuvallMichael Caine, raise their great nephew played by, Haley Joel Osment, on their farm in Texas.  The uncles and their nephew live life out to the fullest. The boy grows up and becomes a man **spoiler alert***


The movie ends with the man coming home when his uncles had perished (that’s were the quote comes from.). Today is Friday and you may be thinking about setting the cruise control and coasting on through the work day and into the weekend. That is cool and all but don’t you want to live life? I mean you could be done at any minute and I say it is best to go out with your boots on.





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