With or without him…..

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One of my favorite shows on television has to be, “Big Bang Theory”. The show is about two really smart roommates and their circle of family and friends. One of the smartest characters on the show, played by Jim Parsons, has a scene in which he introduces his girlfriend to “Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Jim Parsons, plays Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon asks his girlfriend, who is also a genius, what she thinks of the movie. She let’s him know that the movie was enjoyable in spite of some obvious plot holes. Sheldon wants to know what the plot holes are.   His girlfriend proceeds to tell him that the most obvious plot hole is the lack of the protagonist to advance the movies plot.



She let him know that (spoiler alert for Indiana Jones and Raiders) with or without Indiana Jones, the Nazis would have found and opened The Ark of the covenant, a  religious artifact shared by many Judaic religions and all died.

This eye opening revelation makes Sheldon feel a little depressed, and even though it sounds depressing it is really hilarious. Probably because of the way Sheldon wears some of his emotions on his sleeve.

Confession time now. I grew up absolutely loving the Indiana Jones movies! The news that Indiana Jones was not needed kinda mad me a little sad as well. My hero, not needed for this, super awesome extraordinary adventure… Yes I loved those movies still do.  My initial reaction to the news was almost akin to the feeling one has when his favorite myth is exposed for a fairy tale.  That was my immediate reaction my next one was acceptance and maybe a little bit of self reflection. I realized that life is not all about me or Indiana Jones. I realized that life is this grand adventure and I am a rider and a small influence in my own life even.

Control is a facade and a dangerous one at that. We work hard to find and establish control in many situations and often find that the result is not influenced at all by our actions. So what does that mean should we become nihilists and simply accept our “fate” no not that at all but we could let any sense of entitlements we have fall away and replace that with gratitude and determination. We can become determined to be respectful, compassionate and good people no matter what the outcome.


Just a thought. Maybe we should all be good to each other sit back and enjoy the ride.






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