Do not multitask!

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I ‘ve said it before and I will say it again. The idea that you can or do multitask is false. There is no such thing as multitaksing. It is one of those silly words created to make someone feel good about a day of work in which he or she has accomplished nothing at many things.

Do not multi-task. Why, should I not multitask John? Besides it not existing, well for starters it cannot be done.

Let me explain better it cannot be safely done. Yeah it is not safe for your brain to multitask. Crazy, right? The human brain is an amazing machine. It does it’s own multitasking, I mean our heart pumps moves blood to all of the body, our muscles contract and flex all the time. Our lungs fill with air and get the important oxgen out of it to the heart and the blood. There is a lot going on that our brain controls. Why on earth would we try to mimic that type of multitasking? Maybe we feel like we are not because we are only asking the brain to perform our simple tasks of servitude, but see when we think and ask the brain to perform what some neurologists and psychologists call higher thinking (basically anything other than instinctual stuff like breathing) our brain works differently. Our brain has a motivational system in place. This system, located in the medial frontal cortex  of the brain, this motivation system drives the anterior prefrontal cortex, this anterior prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that allows someone to pursue multiple tasks (so yeah I guess it is possible but keep reading). When the subject was asked to multitask the medial frontal cortex was unable to send multiple rewards to the the anterior prefrontal cortex. So while it is possible and is done all the time with you know life stuff, breathing, heart beating and what not it is almost impossible with other things, mostly because of the lack of the medial frontal cortex. There is much conjecture as to what happens when the subjects “force” themselves to multitask and the brain damage that can be done to the anterior prefrontal cortex.  So do not multitask. Just stop it right now you are probably hurting your brain. If you like sience stuff you can read an abstract of the study that showed how multitasking does or doesn’t work here -> this is the link.  What you will read is only the abstract though, if you want more, like the whole study, you will need to join the AAAS/ Science community.


So it really could break your brain and it doesn’t really work. Just think about all the work you did while multitasking. Yeah, even if it does work, you have thought it through and it works. Multitasking works for you. You don’t care about the study and the thought that you could be breaking your brain is a risk you are willing to take. Isn’t multitasking rude? Is it proper to help a customer while you are helping many others? If you tell a client or customer that he or she is important but only spend half your energy on his or her task is this right?

Multitasking sounds great but it is flawed, dangerous and rude. Let’s focus on work just like we should one task at a time. Let us finish our task and move onto the next. Let’s all get together and get things done, all the way done. Let’s not stick a pin in something, unless we absolutely have to, and if we find we have to stick a pin in every single task we have taken on for the day, well maybe we have taken on too much or our organization is broken and then well, we have another post for that.






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