Good manners never brought us down

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I am not sure if you have ever worked in the service industry, but I am going to climb out on a limb and assume you have, at one time or another, in your life been a customer of the service industry. Have yo ever, bought a burger, or a cup of coffee? I have and it is wonderful. You get in line with all the other customers and then one at a time the person behind the counter takes your order and money and then your order is fulfilled (sometimes by the same individual who took the order in the first place (talk about wearing many hats)). I grew up one of four kids and only my dad worked (most of the time) my mom was a stay at home mom, I only mention this to say that my childhood was not spent utilizing the services of indivuals in the service industry. Mom did everything for us, not a stranger behind the counter. I was honestly and still am a little bit, amazed at the idea of someone else cooking my food for me after I ordered or someone making me a cup of coffee on demand. It is really wonderful. The service industry has been around for a long time and there are always assumptions made about it and the people behind the counter on both sides.



One of the assumptions made is that the person serving owes the man or woman paying them respect and courteous service. This is not true. All that is owed to the customer is the product. Now the manner in which the product is delivered should be a respectful and courteous one, but it doesn’t have to be. The good manners and respect is not a necessary part of the business transaction. This, is quite often, forgotten by  the customer. Because the service industry has come so far the customer has grown to expect his or her goods given to him in a quality, respectful, courteous and expedient manner. This combination does not always happen. Usually this does happen because, for the most part people are pretty decent and we respect each other and treat each other well and hey, good manners never brought us down, but sometimes for whatever reason. The customer is given his service or product in a rude manner. When you are treated rudely or poorly your reaction says much about who you are.

I hear a lot of people say and I have said it myself that, the customer is always right. Let me say this the one treating his fellow man with respect and good manners is always right. Sometimes it is the customer. Sometimes it is the employee. Often times it is everyone involved and when it is things are wonderful! If you want a happy experience as a customer or as a service provider do your part with respect and remember good manners never brought us down.





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