It is not about the money

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Every morning on my way to work I drive by a billboard and the sign shows the current lottery sweepstakes amount one can win with a single 1 dollar ticket.  As I drive by this advertisement I take a short mental trip. Sometimes I am at home working on he next great American novel. At other times I am in the keys in the living room of my Yacht in the keys or off the coast of South America. Then there are moments when I am in my Air Stream silver trailer in one of the many wonderful national parks.  Every trip I take involves me not being in the traditional office. Of course.

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I imagine and then I think. If only I could win that money this could happen.  But see there is a problem with my theory, and that is, there is more than one way to reach our goals and the dream is not as much about the money as it is the life style, right? Many entrepreneurs work “outside the box”.

I read some very interesting articles about millionaires and what seems to be a common thread is that many do not work for the money. They work for their passion and money is a by product. Now most of us do not have the luxury to plunge ourselves into a career that we are passionate about and abandon the one we have worked at for over a decade, but I would challenge you today to be passionate. You may not be working your passion but you can work passionately. Do not work for the paycheck work for the client or the project.

When you do this you will see so many doors open. Passion is one of the most powerful forces in the world second only to love and when it is applied, things happen!

Be passionate the pay day will come





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