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The average world employee works between 7 and a half and nine hours a day.  When you think about it a rather large part of our day is spent at work. A large part!  Why not enjoy our time more? It can be easy to feel like our job is a source of animosity. There are deadlines to deal with, plunging profits and cut backs. There was an interesting article I read in a psychology blog, that listed the top 10 careers that make people the most happy.

  1. Clergy
  2. Chief executives and senior officials
  3. Managers and proprietors in agriculture and horticulture
  4. Company secretaries
  5. Quality assurance and regulatory professionals
  6. Health care practice managers
  7. Medical practitioners
  8. Farmers
  9. Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietors
  10. Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisors

I am not sure what you see but I see 7 out of ten career choices which involve helping others. What’s that you say? You do not see them? Let’s look. Number one is clergy. When the clergy job is done right it is all about helping others. CEO, well like clergy, when done correctly makes a huge difference in the lives of others. Managers and proprietors in horticulture, well feeding people is definitely helping others,   Secretatries are the backbone of any good office and are excellent facilitators. Health care managers, I think goes without saying how they help,




So it seems that the best way to make yourself feel happy is to help others. Some of us are not that lucky and work in a job that does not allow us to help others.

Of course now I will show you the 10 jobs that make people the least happy


  1. Plastics process operatives
  2. Bar staff
  3. Care escorts
  4. Sports and leisure assistants
  5. Telephone salespersons
  6. Floorers and wall tilers
  7. Industrial cleaning process occupations
  8. Debt, rent and other cash collectors
  9. Elementary construction occupations
  10. Publicans and managers of licensed premises

Well we may not be able to help others daily there is no shortage of volunteer work that needs to be done in your community. Trust me. In case you can’t find somewhere to help, let me help you vist this website http://www.volunteermatch.org/

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