The lights are still on

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Tom Bodett a famous NPR personality ran a Motel 6 ad campaign with the tag line “We’ll leave the light on for you”. The last few months I have been reading and watching some dystopian style novels. Most of them are post apocalyptic war stuff. You know t he ones where only a remnant remain and they have to rebuild society, great stuff for a Monday right? The books and movies have all been great, I am just finishing up the Divergent trilogy. Great books! If you have time read these books. I have not seen the movie yet but I am looking forward to catching it maybe this weekend.



I love the stories from all  these works but I cant help but hear Tom Bodett saying his famous tag line “We’ll leave the light on for you”. Almost every book and movie has electricity in the dystopian future. To Veronica Roth’s credit, she is the creator of the Divirgent books, and she takes time to explain in the book, who runs the electric company.  Well Roth explains this many books do not. Many simply have electricity running after the war, plaque or zombie invasion.

The geek side of me marvels at how electricity has become just a given for our society. The idea that electricity has moved from a luxury to a utility warrants some investigation. When and how come to mind immediately and if I think about it many more questions could crop up, but I digress.  What impresses me most about electricity is the men and women who make it possible and their dedication to delivering it reliably and on time. They do a great and consistent job.

They should be an inspiration on this Monday for us all. It is because of their work ethic that Tom, me you and all the saviors of humanity can keep the lights on.





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