life could be more clever or diverse

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Uncategorized


Just the other day I heard an interview on NPR about Encladus.  For anyone who doesn’t know Encladus is a newly discovered moon in the rings of Saturn. The moon is covered in ice, a fact which as any space geek would tell you is not incredible but, Encladus is incredible because it seems like the core of the moon is full of water. Water that is spewing out of a volcano on it’s surface in a plume.



On the radio show the scientist can hardly contain their glee about this fact. There are plans to somehow get material from the plume so that it can be studied. What will they find? Is there microbial life on Encladus?  One can only wonder and guess now but where there is water there is a possibility for some type of life.

The radio announcer asked one of the astro biologist about the  possibility of life on Encladus. The astro biologist mentioned that the possibility is high because life is more clever and diverse than mankind tends to give it credit for. I listen and let this idea sink in. The notion that life is clever and diverse. I think about just how true this is. Bacteria exists in some of the harshest conditions, more than exists it thrives. Plant animal and humans do the same. They live all over the globe and at this moment some men and women are living in a space station off the globe.

To survive and beyond that to thrive and relish and enjoy our lives we sometimes have to be clever and diverse like life is. We have to embrace changes and  find new ways to help ourselves and others. There are many elements to living a full and rich life and I am certain we will find that discovering and using these elements is going to take a bit of diversity and cleverness on our parts








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