Try reading backwards

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It is called the left digit effect, it happens every day all over the United States of America. I am not sure but I bet it also happens in other countries too. Do you know what it is? Did you follow the link?  You didn’t did you? You were going to follow the link but, because you have read this blog before realized that I, john3c would briefly describe what the link said and you didn’t need to wast e that time. Well, you were right.

The left digit effect is a name psychologists give to the desirability of a product that has a price which ends in 99 cents over a price ending in 0 cents. The reasoning behind this, lies much in the way a person’s brain is wired. We are wired to not process information well when it is in absolute terms, like exact change and also maybe because we read from left to right. See you see 1.99 as a price and think well it is a good deal a much better deal than 2.00 and the odds of most people purchasing the 1.99 are higher than the 2.00 product. It is crazy but true and it happens almost everytime  you buy anything. Look it up. Follow that link and Google this. I mean it is wild.

How can we break out of this way of processing information and get better at making decisions when it comes to making decisions dealing with precise measurements? Well, try reading backwards.


One of my most favorite inventors in the history of the world employed mirror writing. Yeah, he was amazing and did so much. I could fill these pages with his accomplishments and he was rumored to have used this writing so others couldn’t read his plans but I mean I would guess he didn’t have a problem thinking precisely. Well maybe he did but isn’t the idea of training our brains to read forward and backwards seem cool?

The thing is to make a change like thinking precisely, you have to well make some changes, right?









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