I know because of KRS One

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“In school they never taught ’bout hamburgers or steak,
Elijah Muhammad or the welfare state.
But I know.
And I know because of KRS-ONE.
Yeah and I know
And I know because of KRS-ONE.

Because he’s droppin’, droppin’, droppin’ science, droppin history
With a whole leap of style and intelligency
Yes, I know.
I know because of KRS-ONE
Yeah, and I know
I know because of KRS-ONE.

Because we don’t want to pay money to hear the same old sounds.
Watch him, he’ll take hip-hop to a higher ground.
And I know
(How do I know?)
And I know because of KRS-ONE.
Yeah, and I know
And I know because of KRS-ONE.

And I know
And I know because of KRS-ONE.
And I know
And I know”


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I was listening to this song the other morning, written and played by one of my most favorite groups of all times Sublime and I realized that I had no idea who KRS One is.

I did some googling, and found some really cool information out about KRS One. We live in an age where the most knowledge in human existence is readily available so to not know usually means you are apathetic or lazy, either way that is no good.

So KRS One is a rapper and activist who speaks out against violence and for unity. He is definitely not a fan of marketing or mass consumerism. In an interview with who-mag.net, KRS-One said he will sue radio stations that play his music. He reasoned “They don’t deserve it. They destroy careers.” and “I existed before them, why would I join them?” On first glance I am beginning to like this guy.  I have been for the longest time, a huge fan of, knowledge freeing all and making anything possible. It seems KRS One agrees and I have nothing against peace and unity either oh yeah did I mention that his music sounds pretty good too? Well it does, if you like rap. After learning about KRS One my Ipod is a little heavier now. 

Better change your ways, we coming up on stranger days.

 Krs One quotes  


You know the world is a big old rock in space full of amazing, introspective thinkers. If you stop and listen you may learn something and find people who impress on you like KRS One did for the group Sub lime. One of the thinkers who has made a big impression on me has been Noam Chomsky.  Krs One quotes  

The intellectual tradition is one of servility to power, and if I didn’t betray it I’d be ashamed of myself.

Who has been this way for you and why?  Why and how do you know?






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