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the odor of mendacity… You can smell it. It smells like death. Don’t lie you were spitting the rest of the titles statement out of your mouth before reading it right? I remember the first time I heard this quote and no it was not at  a play. Although it comes from the wonderful play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. The play had at it’s center lies really. This line really resonated with many of the men and women who have watched and acted in this play.

Live theater is so important to our culture. Want to broaden your horizon participate in some form of live theater. The amazing thing about live theater is this, even the audience participates in live theater. Want to impress a girl or a guy? Take that girl or guy to a play, this will broaden his or her mind and I am telling you better than oysters my friend.

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My digression aside, the first place I heard this quote was in my 10th grade English Class. The teacher was Eugene Tapley (I may have this name wrong and if I do I apologize). Mr T. (see what I did there?), taught both English and drama in the high school. My English class was right after lunch, we were all sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher give us a narrative concerning the events of a a certain clique at lunch time.  Many things happened many that were inappropriate and the girls involved were now in the principals office and being dealt with.

What made Mr. T. most upset was that the girls had lied about the activities. He quoted the line from Cat on a hot tin roof and then pointed out the banner, typed on 81/2 X 11 computer paper on an 80’s style dot matrix printer. The banner was the quote and the quote was our teachers favorite line.

I am not sure what my favorite line is from any play but I am sure that lying  is a policy best to be avoided. I learned two things that day. One do not lie and two mendacity means untruthfulness.


I just lied, sorry about that. Some Friday mendacity for you. I learned three things finally I learned what a teachable moment was. Life can and is full of teachable moments.  The trick is to come across with concern when you engage in a teachable moment and not judgement.

How does one avoidable being pedantic and teach someone? I would not learn how to do this until many many years later while interacting with my children. You do this, capture and maximize teaching moments, through believe it or not, honesty. Be real with people you are engaging with.   Do not teach rather interact. Let them know what a situation is and what the situation has done. Mr. T did this when he let us know what happened at lunch. He engaged us and know I will never forget what mendacity means.






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