Is it really?

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So good morning, afternoon or evening. Whatever time it is I hope you are doing well. I really do. I am doing ok. I have however been working on a few projects this month and kind of hit a wall. Part of it is my learning curve other parts of it are limitations from; what I am working with and where I have been working. Don’t worry though, you could lock me in a box and with time I would find my way out.

In an effort to keep my spirits up I began to encourage myself. i started with one of my favorite motivation quotes. “It’s always darkest before the dawn” Thomas Fuller

Almost immediately afterwards the cynical part of me asked is it? Is that true? Of course I looked it up, however before looking it up, my inquisitive self wondered if it mattered. Does it matter if this proverb is true? Will it effect my outlook on what the proverb means? I decided that it will not.


No matter what the physics are when it comes to darkness I will not quit. I will always continue and work. So I looked it up and I am not telling you if it really is always darkest before the dawn. I will just tell you to never give up because no matter how far you feel from the dawn you are much closer than you think!

Start Monday off with this perspective and I fell quite confident that no matter what you are facing you will make it. It may not really be darkest before the dawn but you will get there and with the right attitude you will greet the dawn with a vigor that makes your day rock!!





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