I have seen the rest of the solution

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

OK so two things, 1. I did take a day off yesterday (errands to run and what not and yes I missed you too.) 2. When you get the chance watch the video in this post. The video in this post is so cool! It is a You Tube video of Anthony Michael Brooks, facing off against  a rubicks cube solving robot.  Anthony Michael Brooks is an American speed cuber. He has set records solving the rubicks cube and is the resident expert for the Rubicks cube exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in New York city New York. 


Recently he was interviewed on a radio show and did he one handed speed solving of the cube. He walked the radio host through what he was doing and he also demonstrated how he could solve a cube after being blindfolded. He told the host of the show that speed cubers memorized algorithms and he could solve a cube blindfolded because he could see the cube. I have heard of golfers, chess and billiards players seeing the field or the table before.

These phenomenon of seeing the field before. This idea of being able to see something before it happens is not a fetish but more of a practical tool for dealing with games and life.  When we have a goal we want to achieve it helps to right it down, then all the steps to accomplish it and then all the steps to accomplish the steps. We have just devised an algorithm. Now you can slap on the blindfold and get to work. Only kidding, take that blindfold off. You have to drive to work and life is not a game you will more than likely need to adjust your algorithm. But hey it’s cool we are all always adjusting and rewritting or algorithms the trick is to see it.





algorithms within 50 moves

they memorize algorithms



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