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Are you listening to intelligence squared debates on pod casts? If not you should. Seriously, this is an excellent radio show.   Intelligence squared debates is a talk show in which experts debate in a civilized manner and at the end of the show the audience votes and a winner is declared.

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Last weeks debate was is Death Final. A great debate with scientists and philosophers.  One of the philosophers mentioned how a near death experience and an after life is something entirely different than conscious thought and kind of hinted at how it should not even be up for debate and I have to say I agree about this. Is death final should not be up for debate because we do not have the appropriate tools yet to measure this.  Now, societies tools for maintaining and measuring death have come along way since say the time of safety coffins.  A safety coffin is a coffin with a mechanism inside, one that would allow the buried to let theones burying him know that he or she wasn’t dead, it was sometimes as simple as a bell attached to a string through a hole in the coffin.  However even after coming as far as we have there are still some incidents when a person was thought to be dead only to find they were not dead.  Just this February A Mississippi man  was discovered alive and kicking in a body bag at a Mississippi funeral home.  Of course this is simply a misdiagnosis of death and that can and does happen often, but it points out that is much we do not understand about life and death.

As man learns and begins to learn and understand all states of consciousness and beyond maybe we as a society will be able to identify a soul, but until we can life after death will be a mystery and clearly something entirely different than life right now is.

What I think is important to focus on is of course what we know and understand and can learn and for now that is consciousness and life. We should not loose hope in a life after death but to consume ourselves with this hope would be to rob ourselves of the amazing miracle going on now, which is life.

Is death final? No one really knows. I am not going to tell you who won the debate. To find out you will have to go to the website and get the podcast.  This really is a great podcast!

I still want to point out though, that if death is final, or merely the beginning of the next chapter of our existence we should do our very best to live the fullest and most helpful lives we can now, through compassionate action and education.





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