How do we do it?

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I love the word quantify. When I say it out-loud it makes me smile. Go ahead and try it. I will wait. Did you smile? Funny sounding and looking but what does it mean? That is simple, it means to measure or to express measurement. So how do we do it? How do we measure things? I guess the answer to the question begins with, as all questions do, another question. How do we measure what? Let us say success? How do we measure success? Ah again another question success in what context? A successful life. So now we have the whole question.

How do we take stock of our lives and see if we have been successful or not? Ahh that is a tough one. I guess it comes down to priorities. We may have a clue, to what is important to us. Hows so you ask? Well Facebook has at last count 1.23 billion users on it. Yeah that is a lot.  So what is Facebook all about? Well according to its creator Face book is all about connecting communities together. Ahh that is it isn’t it? Connecting each other together. We make connections everyday, are they good ones. Do your connections benefit you and others?

If you connect and the connection results in something good for you and others then it may be safe to say that you have succeeded.  Now as far as measuring or quantifying. I cannot really answer that to measure something we must establish base lines and I don’t feel comfortable doing that with lives.



The thought of categorizing someone as a looser seems juvenile and wrong as does the thought of categorizing someone as a winner. A winner at life. See taking stock of your life and measuring it or quantifying it robs you of something very special  and that is the chance to embrace and enjoy your life.

Life is a gift

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

― Voltaire

I think that it was put best by one of the brightest it is up to you to live well. Let’s not measure our lives or others they way we do everything else. It is almost impossible to not do this, when you find yourself beginning to take stock or quantify your life, make a new connection or reach out and strengthen connections you have already made and you will see the need to measure diminish and be replaced by a joy that can only be described as.. Life.





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