It all started with some fruit

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The Arab Spring is here and the world is in what seems to be the middle of it, but what is it? It is (according to wikipedia) “The Arab Spring (Arabicالربيع العربي‎, ar-rabīˁ al-ˁarabī) is a revolutionary wave ofdemonstrations and protests (both non-violent and violent), riots, and civil wars in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010.”

But, what will come of all these protests and demonstrations? Well hopefully, a government elected by the people with a constitution that protects that nations people and nations which are socially and politically responsible.

Is this happening? Well some people point to elections in Syria and Yemen and clap hands for a victory others point to the violence inflicted by governments and pro government groups and shake their heads no that the Arab Spring is not working. I would like to point to the sustainability of this movement it started about three years ago. The movement happened in the hearts and minds of the people and has changed shape but has kept going. It is crazy to think that the movement started with dried fruit.

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Mohamed Bouazizi a Tunisian street vendor who was trying to eek out a living for him and his family was prevented by a corrupt government to do business which was selling dried fruit and other things on the street . He ultimately meet his demise by setting himself on fire.  His self immolation kick started this revolution, which if it does not loose steam or falter could change the socio economic face of half the world! 

Mohamed Bouazizis’ story is a tragic one but it is not over! His struggle will be the rally call for a people who have changed our world in major ways and deserve a government that protects and represents them and does not allow men like, Mohamed Bouazizi and his family to starve.

Mohamed Bouazizi was a simple man who was working a simple job and despite this simple background he was able to spark a fire! It  can seem like we are spinning our wheels at the rat race or daily grind but there is still the chance that we may be inspiring others to do something. Now I am not suggesting self immolation. No but I am suggesting that you keep your head up. Elections are happening and democracy is being implemented. The process is painful and slow but that is life.  So hold your head up high and press on because you may be the inspiration for others or you may not but why not be your own inspiration?




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