The facet and the whole

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What makes you you and me me? So many things that this question opens up. Answering this question would take a life time. We would have to decide how to answer this question and who you are first. What makes you a homo-sapien? Well about seven million years of evolution and breeding. The history of the evolution of man is a rich and robust one but for our purposes I would like to be deeper. What makes you the person you are right now?

Who we are? That is a very intriguing question one that has been asked by millions and not answered fully. Some say they are there experiences, others like a Jeep Gran Cherokee advertisement campaign say “they are what they make”. Some say a man or woman is who he helps and hurts. Others say that a man or woman is a result of the choices he or she makes.  I say yes to all of that.

See the thing is a humans are amazing animals and complicated creatures. We are not a static snap shot. I have to agree in some part with this quote about the nature of mankind

I hate my picture being taken. A photograph by definition captures one mood. And I have a million facets to my personality; I never use just one. That’s why I like TV more.

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I would go a step further and say a million is selling ourselves short.  We are diverse creatures with many facets and would do well never to get stuck with one aspect of who we are and embrace our diversity.

We are unique and complicated animals and as long as we respect and love each other we should embrace all our differences and facets that like the facets on a jewel, when looked at in the right light can make the jewel look beautiful, sparkle and shine!










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