“Well, it is because you have never failed”

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Ok, so the line I used for this post is a recall from a line for a really bad but good movie called, The Core. In the movie Hillary Swank plays Major Rebecca Childs she is selected as Gen. Thomas Purcells’ first mate for a mission to the center of the earth in an effort to reset the earths core avoiding certain disaster for the earth.  Major Childs asks her superior why she was not picked as the lead and (I am 99% sure my “quote” is not exact) her superior basically tells her that she is to successful and needs to fail some before she can be a good leader.

See the movie has a wild premise and decent acting and jewels of wisdom like that, good and bad right? It really is a jewel. See success feels good, especially when you have your fans. Family friends all cheering you on, building you up making you feel good celebrating. Failure usually does not involve a lot of celebrating (although I really think it should! I really do think we should celebrate our failures). Failure usually involves, shame and depending on the sportsmanship of the person who failed could involve some more malevolent  feelings like, disgust or embarrassment even anger. This is not good..

Failure and success happen all the time to all of us and they are just things that happen. We have to keep our perspective about this or we can drive ourselves insane. There was an awesome campaign on twitter and facebook called #failup. I am not sure what the campaigns origins are but I think it started with this Tavis Smiley book with the title Fail Up.  The idea is to see failure as a friend.

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The bottom line for me is this.. There is nothing wrong with failure if you learn from it and move on. Failure is only as strong as we allow it to be in our lives.

Today make failure your friend and learn from it. Don’t be afraid to fail, fail often and fail up.






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