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Posted: June 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This morning on my way into work I made a pit stop at the local grocery. I was getting out of the car when I noticed the small metal spikes on the top of the stores facade. The spikes are there to prevent birds from perching on the facade. The spikes work pretty well, the spikes and the fake bird on the building seem to keep most birds in the parking lots few trees. When I saw the metal spikes I immediately thought about an article I saw on line on the telegraph website.

The article goes into some detail about the installment of spikes at a luxury flat in London. The spikes are intended to keep away homeless from the front of the building. This makes me sick when I read it and see it. To think that people are treating people the same way that animals, considered to be pests,  are being treated, should make everyone sad.



You would be hard pressed to pick up the newspaper and read a story that does not outline the terrible class inequalities worldwide. This is more than just paid economic policy at work everywhere in the world. The whole division of classes there is something more insidious and malevolent at work. Some social structure that makes it ok to do something like install these spikes outside of a flat in London. When we treat people as animals instead of people our society needs to re examine the way we see others and ourselves.  When we  loose the compassion that makes us help others and ourselves the ability to know right from wrong we forfeit one of the few genetic advantages we have gained in our evolution through natural selection. The ability to have  and employ morals and ethics. These spikes are both immoral and unethical. To not help the helpless is also immoral and unethical.

Life, every ones life, is a gift and should be respected and treasured.





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