When you don’t have enough get some more…

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Have you seen the movie called “The Rock“?  It is a 1996 Michael Bay movie in which a convicted secret service agent played by Sean Connery helps get a lab geek, played by Nick Cage, onto Alcatraz prison, so that the geek can disarm missiles pointed at San Francisco. The movie was adreline filled and escapism action fun! If you haven’t watched it, you should. The quote that follows comes, from the movie “The Rock”:


Mason: Are you sure you’re ready for this? [walks up staircase]Goodspeed: I’ll do my best.Mason[stops and motions back to Goodspeed] Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and [expletive deleted] the prom queen!Goodspeed: Carla was the prom queen.Mason[faintly impressed] Really?Goodspeed[Cocks his gun] Yeah!



Even though the quote is peppered with some profanity   (hmm can a conversation be peppered with some?), I still love how insightful this quote is. Our best can be something that, when using the improper matrix to develop our syntax or lexicon. Let me explain. The best means to me nothing better. It is the same as Acme or Pinnacle nothing is better than the best. Now, when we but the words our or my in front of it some people feel it gives then an out or an excuse but it shouldn’t because nothing is better than best.  Best is also at least for me, dynamic. The best, my best, our best, is always changing. What was my best yesterday is not the same today.

So what happens then when I fail? Well I didn’t do my best. But, I worked as hard as it seemed like I could? What do I do? Well, have you ever heard of the expression, back to the drawing board? Well that is what has to happen when you have not done your best. You have to go back and practice, learn and cultivate your tasks routines and talents until you are at your best.

If you have failed you have not done your best, but failure is your chance to go back and get more and try again!




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