We had everything but money…..

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Those were the good old days we made do. The previous words were uttered by, a guest on a radio talk show, speaking about a family that lived on there block back in the 1930’s and 40’s. The time was the great depression and not many had money.

Everyone was broke. There was a song titled “Song of The South” in the song their is a line that goes like this.

Well somebody told us wall street fell
But we were so poor that we couldnt tell
The cotton was short, and the weeds was’ tall
But Mr. Roosevelt’s a’ gonna save us all

Times were tough, but the people that came out of it respected each other, they took care of each other and although they didn’t have money they were far more wealthy than anyone from my generation.

I watched a movie called “Enemy at the Gate” it was a love story set in WWII. In it the protagonist leads another protagonist through a camp at the front line of the Russian front.  The woman is in shock at how high the spirits are despite the abysmal and foreshadowing circumstances. The guy tells her that they ae in high spirits because this maybe the last cup of tea or coffee the ever get.  The abysmal situation taught them to treasure life and reveal in its simple pleasures and marvel at its more robust ones like love.

Just recently the world experienced an economic recession and while the effects were not at all as devastating as the great depression I can’t help but hope we have learned to do the same as the generation that had everything but money did.

To embrace our lives and see them as they truly are, a gift. Taking on this perspective will really help you at work home and in relationships. Why not give it a try?







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