Did you miss me?

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Friday I was a little busy and didn’t make time to post to this blog. I should have but I didn’t. I apologize to my one fan. Sorry about that.


Have you ever heard of the Flash Crash?  It happened in 2010, it only lasted for minutes but it was the second biggest point swing in the history. A lot of money was lost but it was gained back no harm no foul right?

It really is an interesting story.When you get the chance you should follow the link and read about the crash. Log story short, it seems that many of the companies that do the high frequency trading in the stock market, closed up their computer terminals and did not make any trades. As soon as the trades started back up the downward spiral stopped.



Now there are many theories as to why and how the whole thing happened what I find most interesting is that the fact that some people did not do their jobs made it hard on everyone else.

So whatever it is you do every day or week or month try hard not to forget who benefits from it. If you take the time and investigate you may find that you are part of an intricate system and the lack of your work can cause some serious swings




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