My problem with membership is…

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That it exists at all. Growing up I watched my mom and dad. They were middle class mom stayed home and dad worked. He worked hard when he got home he would spend time with my mom me and my sisters. We went to museums parks and amusement parks. I never remembered my mom and dad being part of any club or society.  We attended a baptist church and I remember my mom and dad not joining the church because this flavor of baptist church had a by law which prohibited drinking alcoholic beverages.  So and I was only a kid so I may have missed the secret societies my mom and dad did join but the only club that my mom and dad were members of that I knew about was our family.

After I graduated from high school I joined the Army one of the biggest clubs in the country. I was not the best solider but I did my job finished my enlistment and then got out of that club and ever since then I have had an aversion to joining any other club. There is a commercial, for American Express whose tagline is “membership has it’s privileges”  this is true but membership has its costs as well.

I don’t think the costs are weighed as much as the privileges when people join organizations. So my first problem with memebership is that the people becoming members often do not work out the equation for membership.  Many see only the benefits of their membership.

My second problem with membership is that when we include others as members we cannot help but to exclude others. The United States of America and the world for that matter have, a long history of racist exclusion and I cant help but wonder if maybe there had not been this history of exclusion based on race sex or religion, maybe, the world would look much different. Maybe poverty would be non existent and other societal woes would have been destroyed as well. Maybe I am just being idealistic but hey a man can dream.


Finally my problem with membership is that, it is not needed. Yeah, see  we are already members.  You are a person a human being and therefore a member of the human race.  Being a human is tough we are given by nature or God or providence, many privileges.  The evolutionary process has gifted us with long lives and the ability to effect our selves and our environments.  With this privilege we should take our responsibilities serious. As the last ape standing or man we have to take care that we leave the world better than we had it when we started. Being a member of the human race is wonderful and when we enter another taxonomy through some type of membership it just feels like we cheapen our natural original membership. There are other memberships to that do not need anything extra like family.

So I guess my problem is not with membership it is more with membership that is  man made and contrived. That type of membership lacks depth and leads to exclusion and hate.

Membership may have its privileges but membership also has its downfalls. I encourage you to embrace and celebrate your membership today, life truly is a gift.


I always looked upon the acts of racist exclusion, or insult, as pitiable, from the other person. I never absorbed that. I always thought that there was something deficient about such people.






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