How will you honor them?

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We all have them, mentors family members or good friends who have passed away.  When they die we feel lose and sorrow and sometimes the only thing that can bring us solace is time. They are always on our minds and we want to find a way to honor them. There are memorial services, candle light vigils and the folk lore we pass on to the younger generations about them.

Just recently here in the United States, the country celebrated the fiftieth anniversasry of the passing of the civil rights bill. The civil rights bill is a law which guarantees basic rights to everyone regardless of their race, sex or religion. It is a key piece of legislation in a country that has a history of racial inequality. It is important to the country and it was and is, according to the man who helped get the bill made into law a way to honor the memory of the assassinated president, John F. Kennedy.


“No memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently honor President Kennedy’s memory than the earliest possible passage of the civil rights bill for which he fought so long,” Lyndon Johnson


Less than two weeks had passed since the country lost President Kennedy and president Johnson had a tough job presenting the bill to the senators and congressmen. The nation was divided there was a lot of hate and animosity and they had just lost their leader. The quote above is from a speech that Johnson made. Johnson knew how important it was to guarantee by law that all men be treated equally and he understood how important this was to the former president. John F. Kennedy worked hard to make the treatment of all American citizens fair and equal but he was unable to make it law.

It can be hard to  grieve when it comes to the lose of a loved one. Some cry some reach out to other family members and others retract to themselves. To me what seems most important when dealing with the lose of others is to honor the memories of the lost. What better way to honor our loved ones memory than doing good?

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Now I know that you and I are not the president of the United States and we are not alive in the era where there is racial turmoil but despite living in a time that is, pretty good there is still, the opportunity to do god every day.

It can be disguised sometimes in something as simple as helping someone change a flat tire or giving someone your spare change and at other times it can be blatant and tough like donating our time and talents to a local charity. Whatever you do one of the best ways to remember the lost is to do good.






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