Sometimes it is good to take a break

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Recently I was listening to one of my favorite pod casts on the i phone. Star Talk With Neil Tyson. When you get the chance you should listen to some of the podcasts. Check them out at Good stuff. On the most recent show, for me, the host interviewed Carolyn Proco. Carolyn is the lead on the Cassini mission to Saturn. Cassini–Huygens is an unmanned space craft that is in orbit around Saturn, taking measurements and images of the rings, the planet and the many moons of Saturn.  The knowledge gained of the universe from Cassini has been vast and in depth and continues to come.


Carolyn explained about the mission and how it started and what it would do in the future but, what I found most interesting was Carolyns personal story. How she got to NASA. She mentioned her school work and then she talked about taking a break from school after her BS before graduate school. She says to the host “You know sometimes it is good to take a break” Turns out Carolyn was right.

Everyone needs to unplug, decompress take a break recharge (I’ve got a million of these puns to describe vacations).  I just read an interesting article on CNN letting us all know the benefits of taking a break. There are physical and mental benefits to taking vacations.

Americans beat the Japanese for hours worked last year. For me this is not a win Americans should have under their belt. To much work can cause some serious problems. Taking a vacation gives us the chance to change our perspective. Just changing your perspective can help provide you with something that you didn’t have while work consumes your life. Sometimes a new perspective can provide you with an epiphany of some sorts.

Often when writers are blocked and artists are stuck they find inspiration to go on when they are detached from what they are doing, vacations detach you. While on vacation you will meet new people and go to new places and your network will broaden.

If you can do yourself a favor and take a break and go somewhere different. Sometimes it is good to take break.





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