You have to do some rock hopping

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Last night my girlfriend and I took a night hike into the Tullah Falls gorge. We we across the suspension bridge and found in the night sky the super moon. They call the moon the super moon, in July because of how close the moon is near the earth. The park ranger lead us to the bridge than back to our cars.

At the base of the river he let us know that you could get a special permit and hike down to the gorge floor and find the bridal veil falls water hole. At the bridal veil falls water hole you can slide down slippery rock and swim.  “You will have to do some rock hopping to get there.”


The next morning me and Shanna went to park office got our permits. A hour and a half later we arrived at the floor and swam. The “rock hopping” path was marked by the par as a primitive trail I say a better sign would have said primitive / extreme. The path there and back was tough but swimming was very fun.

Lot to be said for getting through the tough times to enjoy the fun ones.




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