GMO and the moon

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Just recently in the news we can see that the state of Vermont in the United States has passed a bill that will make it the law to label all Genetically modified food.  Let me see ok so in case you are not aware of it the world is full of food that has been genetically modified.   Farmers plant seeds which have been modified to resist drought as well as bugs and many other crop destroying things. This does not affect the taste and depending on whom you read the safety of the food served. Food served in the grocery store goes through testing to ensure safety.

GMO foods are subjected to the same safety tests however there has been some “science” that has made some tenuous ties to GMO food and some illness that is really still inexplicable in it’s origins.

The other night I was looking through the lenses of my telescope up at the moon. I have always been fascinated at space and our place in the universe on this “pale blue dot”. The image was clear and focused I could see craters and impact lines and some lines that may or may not have been fault lines. The whole moon fault line debate is still raging, we will see what happens.

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The moon is an incredible body floating in space and has for centuries inspired star watchers to imagine think and learn. In 1835 a sensational series of articles were published concerning life on the moon. The whole hoax was that there was proof of life on the moon. Hey, it was 1835 so there was not a lot of knowledge out there about the moon, so I am trying hard not to pass judgement on the ones who believed the hoax. Anything is possible, right? Now with education and knowledge men and women were able to debunk the hoax. I can’t help but think that, with education we as a society will embrace the GMO food and not vilify it.  Let me be clear a label on the food is fine with me, however what will this label cause you and I to do. I hope that we will not go hungry simply because of a fear of GMO food. I encourage everyone to learn about genetics and how it works. It is an incredible science and it is the story of us and everything living. Once again education is freeing and liberating and I can’t help but wonder if maybe we cultivated a desire in our youth to learn and not fear the unknown how different this world would look.  If you have young children do them a favor and buy them a microscope, a telescope and a computer.





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