Because it is fiction

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

imageI am finishing up a really good book. The book is called Nexus, it was written by Ramez Naam. The book is a brillant science fiction book, I love this book! It is such a great book, I almost do not want it to end!



The book is set in the future and in the future there is a drug called Nexus, the drug Nexus allows it’s users to share thoughts and feelings. Nexus makes it’s users minds act as though they are computers hooked up to each other on the internet. When using the drug you can communicate without words. The idea of sharing a conciousness is incredible.

You can know without thought how someone feels. This of course is total fiction it can be very hard to know how someone feels.  Non verbal cues are tough to pickup even from our loved ones. Because Nexus is fake and because no verbal cues are tough to understand we should do our best to make sure our loved ones know how we feel, especially about them.





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