Do you believe in, free speech, freedom and us?

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It was 238 years ago the forefathers of the United States of America were drafting up the Constitution for the USA and the first amendment was,  an amendment which guaranteed the freedom of speech. I think it is quite poignant that this was the first amendment above all rights and freedoms our forefathers choose this one. Free Speech is something that is not a right in every nation in our world. Also included in the amendment is religion, assembly and a free press.

I have seen many times this amendment and right not be afforded to some citizens.    One case I can immediately think of is the one of Edward Snowden. I understand that Snowdens case was and is complicated however I truly feel many of his rights as well as the rights to privacy for citizens of the United States have been violated.

Some people feel that free speech assembly and privacy are rights that can be suspended if it means that we are being protected but I ask this. What good is protection if you are not speaking meeting exercising religion or free thought?



To surrender free speech or assembly is to dampen learning, or for that case life itself.   The thing about free speech is that when it is given it should be given to all even if the speech is something the majority does not approve of or agree with. This can seem dangerous but I believe in mans ability to learn and survive and thrive in spite of the loud mouths of idiots. What do you think? Do you believe in mans ability to learn, find the truth and pass it on?

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It is a gamble, betting on man and it is the long game gamble. History has shown that many smooth talkers have swayed the populace to believe something as idiotic as eugenics, but over time man has and is righting the ship.

Today if you do nothing else learn something new and respect the rights of everyone.

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