A really cool gift

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This morning before coming to work I looked down at my cuff links and smiled. They are a set of pewter cuff links with a circle shaped face. On the front of one face the word Jedi is stamped on the front of the other face you can read the word Knight. I see them and I smile because first and foremost they were a gift from my girlfriend and that is really nice and second because I am a geek and I love Star Wars.


In case you don’t know, (and I don’t know how you would) Jedi Knights are knights who work to keep balance in the universe. They for the most part have mastered the force.The force is the universe that everything alive exists in. Jedi Knights go on adventures in their efforts to restore and keep balance in the universe. It is rumored that the creator of the Star Wars movies and the Jedi them selves George Lucas, based the Jedi on the Samurai.

For me the Jedi Knights (and I know they are fictional) represent everything men and women should aspire to be. Selfless protectors. When I see the cuff links I smile because it amazes me that an exciting sci fi movie/book/television franchise can help teach us to be better people.  We can all be Jedi Knights.






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