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Hell. That is the fact that is inescapable. War is hell. No matter what the cause of the length the cost is always high.  Just recently I was listening to my favorite radio show. On Point with Tom Ashbrook. Great show. The topic for yesterdays radio show was the Israeli invasion of Gaza.  The pundits chimed in about whether or not this was just and what spurred this but the thing which has struck me hardest about all of this and I think most people in the world has been the images videos and sounds seen watched and heard from this war.

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If you have the stomach for it and the time check out facebook, youtube and twitter.  Just put in #Gaza and you can see the images videos and read the rhetoric. There is a new movie coming out called “Fury”. The movie stars Brad Pitt and it looks really good! It is a World War 2 movie about a Tanker and seems like a raw look at the hell that war is. In the previews for the movie (I haven’t ween it yet but would like to) Brad Pitt makes a quote which is short but powerful.


‘Ideals are peaceful, history is violent’

More true words have never been spoken. There was an interesting Ted Talk in which Steven Pinker pointed out that we are living in one of the most peaceful times since biblical times in the history of the world. This doesn’t seem possible considering the violence we are seeing now in Israel and all over the world but the numbers don’t lie.

I can’t help but think maybe we are living in a more peaceful time because people can see the cost of war right away now, at times in real time and because, we are all more connected now than ever before and finally because man and woman have learned so much more. It is with knowledge that we form ideals and it is true that ideals are peaceful. When I read about the English revolution, The French revolution and the American revolution. I think about the major differences. The English revolution took much longer than the other two but there was far less blood shed. The French and Americans were feed up angry hostile and their revolutions cost much in the way of human capital.



The Arab spring we have seen, has also involved a group of men and women that are,  feed up. This has also been, very violent and cost much in ways of human capital. I wonder would we be seeing a different revolution if we as a society took our time to learn and develop ideals and open some dialogues.

I never thought of myself as a pacifist. There are some things that are definitely worth fighting for but I can’t help but think the fight should be more peaceful than violent. Maybe with the right ideas our generation or our childrens generation can rewrite history?





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