Will Nasa save us again?

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What did you think when you read this posts title? Don’t lie, you were thinking something like O my goodness, I certainly hope this fool is not going to suggest that NASA is going to find a new habitable planet for us to all move too.  The answer is no that is not what this post is about, but soon I believe man will be landing on another planet (we will get to that later).

I am a big fan of NASA! I am not sure if you could tell by my blog posts or not but I think NASA is one of the most important organizations in the world (ha and in the universe so far, you may even say it is out of this world ha ha). Being that I think NASA is so important I am not a big fan of the United States governments cuts to the space program and NASA. This however is a topic for another post.  Someone I work with does not share my affinity for the space program. I am not sure how but he is one of the few individuals who can look up at space and not wonder and question. We were speaking the other day and he let me know that he thought money spent on NASA was wasted tax dollars. He had more than one reason as to why the money should be considered waste. Among his reasons was one that bothered me most. He mentioned that NASA did not get results. I off course immediately pointed out LEDS, infared ear thermometers, radial tires, aircraft anti icing technology and baby food.

It is because of NASA that these products exist in the form they do today.  This is called NASA spin off technologies.  When you get the chance look into how NASA has made our lives so much better and safer here on earth. NASA does matter. Many of the spin off technologies have gone very far to make our lives better. Some may even say that the medical devices created by NASA have helped save man and womankind!

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Currently there is a big problem with the burning of fossil fuels in the world. We need petrol or gas to make most of our cars move. Burning the gas produces carbon which makes our environment hard to live in (see LA, Mexico City and Bejing).  At the same time that this fossil fuel problem is coming to what I see a head NASA is working on an engine that works without burning a propellant like gas! No for real they are really working on this. Now I may have jumped the shark a little with this one, being that the engine is untested and could fail but, I think the research will for sure develop some incredible spin off technologies.

This engine will enable some deep space travel and the spin off technologies may cut the burning of fossil fuels here on earth greatly! Will NASA save us again? Yes they will. Is this how they will save us again? We will see….










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