Happy left hander day

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Did you know that today was left handers day? Are you left handed? If you answered yes to the first question, awesome. If you answered yes to the second one, happy left hander day!

Whenever I think of left handers I think of Flanders on the Simpsons, because, that tv show is awesome and he is left handed. Being left handed is rare but it happens. The leader of the free world is left handed. Yes, that is right Barack Obama is left handed. One of the worlds richest men, Bill Gates is also left handed and one of the worlds richest women, Oprah Winfrey is also left handed. Babe Ruth, Leonardo Da Vinci (one of my favorite people in history) all lefties.

I remember the first time I saw someone turn their paper the “wrong way” and right with the wrong hand. I thought he isn’t doing that right and truth be told, part of me still thinks that way now. I know, I know if it works for them it is not wrong and that is why I put wrong in quotes.

I was and still am intrigued by the lefties. Why when they reached out with one hand for the first time did they do this with the left hand?  Being left handed seems fascinating but what is even more fascinating and incredible is that the answer to why is here.

A recent article on the Smithsonian institute website, goes into details of why people are born left or right handed.  The answer is incredible but kind of long winded and both of us have places to go. So, you should read that article later, but just to know that some people were able to investigate and figure out why is, a marvel.

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Never stop asking questions and looking for answers. When we do this we stop learning and if we are not loving and learning we are not living


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the article in the Smithsonian basically said it was a genetic thing.


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