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Posted: August 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

This morning I read an article about why the world smells so great after it rains.  When you get the chance you should check out the link, there is a video and everything. In short though it smells great because the rain kicks up the organic debris on earth and it reacts with the atmosphere. I have always loved the smell after the rain! I cannot really describe, except for maybe good.  The technical name for the smell after the rain is “Petrichor”.  Isn’t that cool.

When I was younger I loved learning, I still do. I loved taking apart machines and seeing what made them tick. I have never meet a puzzle I didn’t love, I have however meet many puzzles that have me still stumped.  I am convinced that my girlfriend has never been stumped by mind puzzles. She is the puzzle master!

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This article, besides bringing to mind the wonderful smell after the rain, made me think about the book dy Richard Dawkins. The book is called “Unweaving the Rainbow.”  In the book Dawkins makes the case for science helping answer why. Why the rainbow looks the way it does.

I have  written before about, the laurels and virtues in asking why and finding answers. Often though, when exploring and looking for answers you may come up against some people who are more interested in simply enjoying the experience. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the smell of the rain and there is also nothing wrong with knowing why the world smells that way after the rain.

The rainbow un weaved looks just as beautiful as it does when weaved together.  Never let anyone stop you when looking for answers because you fear the answers. Do not be afraid. Also be careful to take time and enjoy the experiences as well.



if it does rain where you live today. when it ends take a deep breath and enjoy the “Petrichor”



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