Read the classics

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am in the middle of “The Time Machine” by H G Wells. I have forgotten how well written this book is. The Time Machine. Most of us have read the classics in literature. High school,middle school and college, if you haven’t read the classics you probably read cliff notes of the classics. These books and works are the corner stone for much of western culture. They have stood and are still standing the test of time.


So much of what we now see in pop culture are either direct derivatives or are built on some of the principles of the classics.  I am not sure what you are reading now, but I encourage you to pick up a classic and read it simply for pleasure. You will find that some of the classics are not really for you. I did not like “Brave New World” however, I am falling in love again with “The Time Machine”

Read some classics, learn some knew things and enjoy yourself.





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