A way out

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

An industry leader and from the outside looking in a pretty cool company Starbucks made the news again. In a recent article Starbucks stated that they would revise their erratic work schedules. The article is very interesting but in case you do not have time to read it, let me give you the breakdown. The company has realized that their baristas  have been asked to work an erratic schedule and as such they cannot live a life that will give them a way out.

I was listening to a radio show called on point (great show love it). A caller called in and let the host know that she was a barissta at Starbucks and because of the erratic hours she lost her child care support. The host asked her if she could see a way out of this. She mentioned that her way out was going to be hard work at Starbucks then moving up the corporate ladder. This at the time of the call was not an option, however now with the policy change maybe it is back on the table. To that I say good job StarBucks!

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Not sure what you are doing, or what your situation is however it seems that the light is just around the corner. I encourage you today.. Don’t quit or give up. put your hand to the plow and move forward. It will not be long before a policy is changed or your situation is improved. There is a way out.




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