Suture lines or our Perfect Imperfections

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The human eye is an incredible machine.  With our eyes we see the beauty in the world around us.  The white part of the eye that is composed of fibrous tissue that protects the inner workings of the eye. Lens: located directly behind the pupil, it focuses light rays onto the retina. Retina: membrane at the back of the eye that changes light into nerve signals. The lens of the eye is made up of fibrous tissue and the tissue is held together through the use of suture lines. These lines make the images translated by the nerves look a little different than the actual shape. So a star which is round will appear like well a star. There are points. Stars and light shine because of diffraction. Diffraction happens because of  suture lines.  Diffraction, is also caused through any apertures imperfections.

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There is a wonderful song called “All of Me”. The song is a love song and sings about the lovers need to be with each other.

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections’

Perfect imperfections, you know like suture lines.  It can be tempting to try and pursue perfection, however perfection is not real. There you have it. Stop doing it. You will save yourself so much effort and headache. Embrace your perfect imperfections and you will find that there is no ceiling to your happiness and success!





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