Think and act big

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Just last week I put up a blog post about the Voyager 2 satellite leaving the solar system.  I went on and on about new worlds and I meant ever meandering thought and word. I am really excited about what may come back. I don’t know if you can tell but I am fascinated by space. I love the ideas and views about space. Stars piercing the inky blackness of night acting as a map to accident and modern day explorers here on earth. The huge questions that space poises for man kind where did we come from? What is it all about? Are we alone?

Space is cool and space is big! Huge. The size of space is hard to grasp and I can only imagine even harder to work with and yet despite this size issue NASA does it everyday. They work with space. I just read an article about a new rocket, called SLS.  The rocket will not be ready until 2018 but it will be used for deep space travel (think Mars and beyond)! The article focuses a lot on the missed deadlines and moving the time table and this is unfortunate but it happens. Deadlines are missed and time tables changed but progress has and is happening and 2018 seems like a safe bet date.

Deep space travel is a big deal ask any person who admires the cosmos. A really big deal. NASA sat down and mapped out a plan then they acted. I know that I have over simplified the space program but honestly that is what has happened and is happening. Today you mat feel stuck and like your circumstances are huge and insurmountable. Do you have a plan? If not get one. Are you doing the plan? If not start. The hardest mile is the first one. Get started, I want to say the rest will take care of itself but it will not you have to do the rest too, but nothing will get done if you haven’t started. Is your plan working the way you want? If yes great keep at it, if not adjust regroup and if need be start over. This is your life isn’t it time you stopped being a passive observer and started writing your story?

When writing your story do not be afraid to think and act big. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it!!






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