Do not tell me that it cannot be done

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The debate was one for the ages. Well the space geek ages I guess. Astronomers and astro-physicists everywhere could not come to a consensus on the age of the known universe. Camps were formed and divisions came as a result. There was the camp which felt that the universe was X age and another that felt it was Y age. The difference was about 10 billion years between the two. (I apologize for not getting to technical for you guys and gals but I have time constraints and what not with this post)

download (12) Hubble_Graph

The debate was put to rest by a brilliant astro-physicist named Edwin Hubble.  See Hubble realized that everything was moving away from him in space at the same rate and he developed the Hubble Constant. The Hubble constant put the debate to rest and now we know that the universe is about 15 billion years old.

The age of the universe was a huge unknown. It seemed to some like it would never be known but it was discovered. Now at CERN scientists are working on discovering how the universe was formed and it will be solved very soon.

No matter what is going on I am truly convinced that, with perseverance education and hard work you can do anything.





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