The Cure and that word

Posted: September 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I felt it come on strong! It rolled in around 11:00 in the morning and it lingered and ate at me all day. I honestly didn’t shake it until about 3:30 4:00 in the afternoon when I confronted it head on and began to complete work tasks on my to do list.

It was ennui. Yes that’s right, ennui. Look it up. That word is so cool. I love using it. I know, super geek right. The word sounds and looks really neat to me but the condition is horrible. For those of you who did not want to look it up and want to know what it means: (I am honestly not trying to insult anyone. I had to look it up during a game of Scrabble) Ennui:

  1. The definition of ennui is lack of interest or boredom.

    An example of ennui is a child sitting in the house saying there is nothing to do.

When I was a child I would complain to my mom. Often I would complain that I was bored and mom was not like parents nowadays. My mom would not react to my words as if they were mandates from her superiors. She reacted with wisdom and thought. Honestly there was no reason for me to be bored. I had a lot as a child not just physically but also in the way that is difficult to measure. There wasn’t a museum in the Cleveland area that my sisters and I had not visited, we were regular patrons of all the libraries and the recreation department as well as swimming pool knew our family by name. My mom in response to the I am bored complaint, told me that there is no such thing as being bored only boring people.

Man that really got to me. That single statement let me know that I can control much of my life. With a positive attitude, determination, perseverance, hard work and respect I could make it so I would never be bored again. This has worked most of my life. I think yesterday was the first time I can remember as an adult, feeling bored.


How did I beat it? Well at first, I contemplated “riding it out” flow through the rest of the day on a sort of “auto-pilot” mode but see that is not me. Then I dove into my work and started researching all of the tasks that I had left undone for the week and moved my focus to what was directly”in front” of me. Chris Christie, the governor for the state of New Jersey wrote a book. The book was titled “The American Family”. In his book he mentions some advice his mother gave him. It was to focus on the job that was in front of you.

Like him or hate him he has done some really good things for New Jersey and is quite successful at being a politician. The advice is also one of the cures for ennui. You can’t really control what is lying beyond the horizon but you can control the direction you are traveling right now.

Want a cure for ennui (I was going to use boredom but isn’t ennui way cooler?)? The cure is to focus on the now with respect to the future. Right now put your hands to the tasks on your to do list… What is that? You don’t have a to do list? Right now make one? Done? Good. Now make that to do list a to done one. Do that and you will break out of the ennui state that will, if you let it< choke the life out of your day.





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